Collaborative Carnage


The true origins of this seemingly endless yarn are lost in the misty cyberdepths of Google Groups. Basically, somebody on / alt.roundtable, possibly TheRealJay, posted a message along the lines of "wouldn't it be great if AGD's best fanfic authors collaborated on a fanfic?" We all agreed that it would be great, but instead, Rob (aka the Sultan of Swing), Stephen van Ham, and I wrote this, dubbed "Collaborative Carnage" by SvH. The mysterious Purple also contributed a chapter before coming to his senses and washing his hands of the whole ugly matter.

In addition, you'll find a series of chapters called "Just Plain Carnage" wherein I bring the "Collaborative Carnage" story to a conclusion. Also, you'll find "Collaborative Carnage: The Next Generation," featuring the fanfic stylings of tempus fugit, Rob and yours truly.

Prologue: Existential Blues by Steve

Mutation 1: O My God! They Nuked Stupidhead! by Rob

Mutation 2: Something Purple This Way Comes by Purple

Mutation 3: Storm Clouds Gather; Wirt Speaks Out by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 4: Did You Ever Get That Feeling of Déjà Vue? Did You Ever Get That Feeling of Déjà Vue? by Steve

Mutation 5: In the Eye of the Rising Storm by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 6: Love the One You're With by Rob

Mutation 7: Naughty Rogue Pajama Party by Steve

Mutation 8: Max Rides Again by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 9: They Duped Lord Cool's Brain by Steve

Mutation 10: Trekkin' by Rob

Mutation 11: Mull This! by Steve

Mutation 12: Trekkin' Again by Rob

Mutation 13: Is That a Gun in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Pleased to See Me? by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 14: Throw Down the Anchor, I Wanna Get Off! by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 15: New Beginnings by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 16: Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuummmmmmble! by Steve

Mutation 17: Oh Yeah? Well, Smurf This, Ya Little Blue Nose Goblin! by Steve

Mutation 18: Battle of the Boojum by Rob

Mutation 19: Two Interludes and a Doppelganger by Steve

Mutation 20: This Issue Everybody Says "Duh!" by Steve

Mutation 21: All About Cows and Hogs by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 22: Chaos, Mayhem and the Other Guy by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 23: Brotherhood of Fools by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 24: Something Borrowed, Something Bouncing, Something Blue by Stephen van Ham

Mutation 25: Don't Eat That. You Don't Know Where It's Been by Rob

Mutation 26: Split Personality Severed by Rob

Mutation 27: When Pigs Fly by Rob

Mutation 28: Evil's Got A Brand New Bag by Rob

Mutation 29: Love The One You're With, Again by Rob

Interlude: Somewhere in New Zealand by Steve

Interlude: An Excerpt from a Thread on AGD by Steve

Mutation 30: The Boojum Strikes Back by Steve

Mutation 31: Continuity has Returned and Love is in the Air by Steve

Mutation 33: Clash of the Titans by Rob

VH1 Behind the Fanfic: The End of Collaborative Carnage by Steve

Just Plain Carnage

by Steve

Mutation 31: Temptation Dungeon

Mutation 32: Okay, You All Meet in a Tavern

Mutation 33: There's Something About Sugar

Mutation 34: Wacky Bedroom Farce

Mutation 35: Orbquest Begins

Mutation 36: The Boys are Back in Town

Mutation 37: Solo at Castle Ebola

Mutation 38: Milk and Sugar in the Coffee of Evil

Mutation 39: The Episode with Gratuitous Bare Breasts and Genitals

Mutation 40: Two Heads are Better than a Rolling Exposition Stone

Mutation 41: "The Final Battle" or "Wasn't This Supposed to be a Diablo Story?"

Epilogue: Continuity is a Dish Best Served Cold

Untitled Bonus Chapter by Rob and Steve

Collaborative Carnage: The Next Generation

Mutation 42: Fever Dreams by tempus fugit

Mutation 43: Lord Cool Must Be Stopped by Steve

Mutation 44: The Voyagers by tempus fugit

Mutation 45: GFP Error by Steve

Mutation 46: Time Voyagers by tempus fugit

Mutation 47: All Good Things... And This Too by Steve

Mutation 48: Will the Real Maximum Evil Please Step Forward by Rob

Mutation 49: Will the Real Maximum Evil Please Get Lost by Steve

Mutation 50: Stack Overflow Error by Rob

Mutation 50½: For the Love of God! Make Him Stop! by Steve

Mutation 51: 51 Beta (Take Nu) by tempus fugit

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