Collaborative CarnageMutation 10: Trekkin'

by Rob

McCoy said, "I'm sorry Jim, I really thought we were dead."

"Bones!" screamed Kirk. "What kind of medical school did you attend?"

"Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor not a... Oh yeah."

Kirk sat back in his chair and said, "Which brings us to question two. Where the hell are we?"

Spock said, "Sir, based on the general climate and temperature along with the demons flying around the ship, I'd theorize that we are in fact in Hell."

"Well," said Kirk, "there's only one way to find out. Me, you and Bones are leaving the ship and going out there to find out exactly what's going on."

Spock said, "Captain, do you really think it's wise for the Captain, First Officer, and Chief Medical Officer to all leave the ship at the same time, possibly never to return?"

"Damn it, Spock! You and your infernal logic! Must everything make sense? Have you any idea about the beauty of emotion and how it moves the soul or are you just some mindless computer?"

Trekkin'Spock answered: "It's really just common sense, that's all. I mean even when there isn't a threat to their lives you shouldn't have the three most senior officers away from the ship at the same time. Who'll be in charge then? That commie Chekov?"

"Hey!" yelled Chekov, "I'm not a commie, now does anyone know vwhere we keep the nuclear whistles?"

Solo got that ever-so-sexy grin and said, "I know where the captain keeps his."

"Shhh!" yelled Kirk. "No one's supposed to know about tha!"

Over the intercom, Scottie said, "Captain, are you ready for me to beam you."

"Shhh!" Screamed Kirk. "No one's supposed to know about that!"

"I meant down into Hell."

"Oh, yeah, right."


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