Collaborative Carnage

Mutation 1: O My God! They Nuked Stupidhead!

by Rob

A dark and sinister laugh filled the room. Wirt ran away in fear. The puppy Deathspit strained to bark. Sugar let out a shrieking scream. Lord Cool had a bit of an accident. Maximum Evil had returned.

Stupidhead the WeakStupidhead the Weak stepped forward and said, "Stand back as I relive us of this foul scum."

Maximum Evil responded to the threat by saying, "I came prepared for you this time, old man." Maximum Evil raised his hand into the air and Stupidhead the Weak disappeared.

Sugar screamed, "Oh my God, he's been nuked!"

Lord Cool asked, "What is nuked?"

She answered him: "Cast in to oblivion."

Information quickly filled Stupidhead the Weak's mind. Too much information. He couldn't process it all. He felt his body detaching. Being taken away from existence. With one forceful tug he was pulled into a new dimension.

What happened next astonished him. Thousands of heroes roamed a data filled wasteland. Conversations sprang up all over the place. Portals to new and unseen worlds opened and closed. He had heard of this place. He had entered the Battle Net.

This place, these people; it wasn't right. His companions needed him back home. He new he'd need to find the way back. But with so many portals which one led home?

A huge growl stroked across the Battle Net. Stupidhead the Weak looked, and in the distance he could see something. Something odd. Definitely not human or beast. It was a demon, a monster of some sort, but unlike any he had ever seen. He strained his eyes to make out a shape or a form to no success.

He had heard many stories of the fabled Battle Net and the lag demon that roamed through it. Could this be that monster that was talked of so much? As the thing moved closer, the portals started closing one by one. He saw a rogue swallowed by the darkness that surrounded the monster. Then a warrior and a mage. Before long the darkness had eaten over half of Battle Net's population.

Stupidhead the Weak grabbed a warrior and screamed at him, "What's happening here?"

With a grin the warrior answered, "Probably another server split."

Stupidhead the Weak had more questions to ask. More things to say to this warrior. But before he got the chance, the warrior too had disappeared. He saw the darkness looming right over him. He still couldn't make out what beast lay behind it. In the distance he saw a lone portal still left open.

Then it started to close.

With no other option Stupidhead the Weak sprinted towards the portal, closed his eyes, and jumped through as it vanished.


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