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Mutation 28: Evil's Got A Brand New Bag

By Rob

Dr. Pepin switched on LC6. It opened its eyes and looked down at the body and said, "Fuck. What the hell did you guys do to me?"

"We're sorry, Rob," said Captain Farnham. "We didn't have enough time to create an entirely new body for your AI, so we gave you one of the L.C. models we were nearly completed with."

"Well, can I get my old body back?" asked Rob.

"No," said Pepin. "It's not really your body. That body belongs to, and is still in use by, the original Rob. You on the other hand are an AI based off a scan of his brain. We were hoping that since you helped create this whole mess, you might have some insights on how to fix it."

"I don't know anything," said LC6. "It's still Stephen's chapter. Until he finishes I'm helpless in the matter."

"Aye, It looks like ya wasted are time agin Pepin," Griswold gloated.

"Not entirely," said Pepin. "This AI is still far superior to the Lord Cool AIs we've been using in the LC models. It might actually be able to complete its mission now."

LC6 said, "You mean you're planning on making more of me?"

"Why of course," said Pepin. "LC7 is almost finished, except for a minor cosmetic problem. Her butt's too big. And LC5 is having its old AI exchanged for yours."

"You better come with me," said Farnham. "I'll brief you on what you'll be expected to do once we beam you to Tristram."

Dr. Ross flipped the switch. LC5 was sitting on the operating table with wires leading in and out of her head. Suddenly a burst of electricity jolted through her, and after a few spasms Dr. Greene said, "OK, that's enough Doug, the memory is clear."

Dr. Ross flipped the switch back up. He said, "OK, now we just have to wait for the new AI to show up and we can be done for the night, Mark."

Dr. Greene was looking the android over. "You know Doug. I really think these things are amazing. They can take either of our brains, and make a second us into a new body."

"And take a look at this." Dr. Ross fondled the android's chest. "It's as real as they come. Implants don't feel this natural. And she isn't going to file a malpractice suit on me for doing this."

"Hey Doug, what's this?"

"It's called a vagina. How did you get through medical school, or mirage?"

"No, not that. Lower, on the floor."

Dr. Ross looked down and saw some sort of darkness rising up from the vent on the floor, coming upward towards the android. "It's got to be some kind of gas. Quarantine this level and check with engineering to see if they have a leak."

The darkness ascended upwards between LC5's legs and into her. After a few moments they noticed all the hair on her body go from a light brown to a dark black color. Then they saw her eyes fill up with some kind of black fluid. Dr. Greene said, "This is amazing. I've never seen anything like it."

LC5 blinked. Dr. Ross said, "It's on. Is it able to do that, turn itself on?"

"No," said Dr. Greene. "And even if it could, we erased its mind completely. It wouldn't even be capable of reflex movement."

Feminine EvilDr. Ross got a little closer to take a look. LC5 reached forward and grabbed his neck. Dr. Ross managed to squeeze out, "Get it off," before she managed to crush his neck.

Dr. Greene picked up the LC remote as the android pulled out the wires attached to her head. Quickly he punched in his access code to deactivate her, but the pad said, "Access denied."

LC5 walked up to Dr. Greene, grabbed his head, and crushed it against the wall. Then she walked into the hall and busted open a weapons locker with her fist. She looked through it throwing a few phasers and blasters off to the side, then found a light saber. She picked it up and turned it on.

LC6 said, "Yeah, I think I got it down."

"So then you're ready to go," said Farnham. "I'll have Griswold prepare the tranporter."

LC5 walked through the door, holding the light saber in her hand. Pepin said, "LC5, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in sick bay having your AI altered."

LC5 swung the light saber across Pepin's waist, cutting the good doctor into two halves. The bridge crew immediately opened fire, but it didn't seem to have any effect on her. She said, "True evil can never be destroyed. Death is only a delay until I rise once more. I shall not perish. See what atrocities shall be unleashed now that Maximum Evil is on PMS. Behold before you the ultimate villainess, Feminine Evil."

Ensign Wirt ran at Feminine Evil hoping to tackle her while she was distracted with the speech. His head rolled towards Farnham. As the crew ran out, Farnham was shouting, "Abandon ship, Abandon ship," into the com system.

As Feminine Evil was hacking her way through ship security, Farnham, Lt. Gillian, Griswold, and LC6 headed towards the escape pods. Once inside Farnham hit the button, and the four flew out into the endless reaches of the Battle Net.

Feminine Evil's work aboard the Azure Drake was complete. Anyone who was on board earlier was either dead or had jumped ship hours ago. She had spent some time fooling with the computer system, since CAIN was unwilling to work with her on any level. Now the AI had been replaced with KAIN, a hacked version of CAIN that held her passion for evil. The only crew to speak of was LC2 and LC7, both which had received modifications so they would work well on board.

With everything taken care of Feminine Evil sat in her captain's chair and plotted a course for the fortress of the Boojum. A new dark alliance was to be made, and vengeance would be hers.


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