Val Halla's Journey

"I may be a princess, but that doesn't mean I can't kick your ass!"

Book One:



Interlude: Naked Came the Rogue

  1. Sylverwraithe

  2. Pepin

  3. Gillian

  4. Hildy & Hogan

  5. Giselle

  6. Nova

  7. Albrecht

  8. Lester

  9. Adria

  10. Hrrarrgrrsh-chutt

  11. The Tavern of the Rising Sun

  12. Lachdanan

  13. The Pen

  14. Red Vex, Black Jade & Lazarus

  15. Glorianna

Interlude: The Ruin of Many a Poor Boy

  1. Spider Lords


Book Two:

Wild Angels

Prologue: Naked Came the Rogue II


Book Three:


The Butcher

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Classic Fantasy
1999 by Martina Mertes

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