Val Halla's Journey for People Who Don't Play Diablo

Adria is another of the Tristram townsfolk in Diablo. She sells potions, magic scrolls, spell books and magic staves.

Cain the Elder is a town character in Diablo (that's him in the blue robe by the fountain near the bottom of the screen). He knows a lot about everything and will also identify magic items for a price.

Farmer Lester appears in Hellfire, the official add-on to Diablo.

Farnham, the Town Drunk is still another one of the townsfolk from Diablo.

Gillian is one of the town characters in Diablo (that's her in the upper left of background in the blue blouse).

Hildy's father, Griswold, is another of the town characters in Diablo. He repairs and sells armor and weapons.

Lachdanan and his helmet are the subject of a quest in Diablo.

Mana is the supernatural energy harnessed by spellcasters in Diablo. It can be replenished by drinking special potions.

Ogden is another one of the townsfolk in Diablo. That's him in the upper right, next to Nova and Hrrarrgrrsh-chutt.

Pepin is one of the characters in Diablo (that's him in the background in the white robe, with his arms folded). He is the Town Healer and players can go see him for medical attention after getting mauled by monsters in the dungeon. He also sells Healing Potions and Healing Scrolls.

Sir Gorash makes a brief appearance toward the end of Diablo.

Sisters of the Sightless Eye, more commonly known as Rogues, are one of the three types of adventurers that players can choose from in Diablo. Rogues are skilled archers with the ability to detect and disarm traps.

A Town Portal is a magic spell that instantly transports you to the middle of town. It is used in Diablo by players who need to get in and out of the dungeon in a hurry.

Wirt is one of the townsfolk in Diablo. That's him near the center of the picture. He sells magic items, obtained by unknown means. He is almost universally disliked by Diablo players due to his high prices, the often poor quality of his goods, and the fact that he charges 50 gold pieces just to see his stock.

Zhar often makes a brief appearance in the first half of Diablo.

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