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The wind on my horn

sings her glory as I charge.

I sing with her ROOOOAAARRRR!

horny01.gif (2627 bytes)Lord of Destruction

turns and flees from the flames

the night is over.

horny05.gif (3388 bytes)Fierce gnat buzzing round

Tiny man with tiny blade

Wars best left unfought.

horny03.gif (3945 bytes)The sun on my hide

is new and stranger to me

than the sun within.

horny02.gif (2910 bytes)The rocks underfoot

with each step I take are crushed

but still there are rocks.

horny01.gif (2627 bytes)Ancient Demon

Molten lava


Create Your Own Horned Folk Haiku!horny03.gif (3945 bytes)

If you got a kick out of Haiku of the Horned Folk, then you should certainly visit SciFaiku.com for some science-fiction haiku that's, well, out of this world.

Aki no Kaze
1997-1998 by Bruce Wyman

Giving credit where credit is due, I got the idea for "Create Your Own Horned Folk Haiku" from The art of Haiku poetry. It's an interesting and informative site that will give you some background into real haiku.

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