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A Journey Remembered
1999 by Michael Dover

Every Day is Thanksgiving!

Here's where I give credit where credit is due: First of all, I need to thank the talented people at Blizzard Entertainment for giving us Diablo in the first place. Likewise, to Sierra On-Line for Hellfire, the only authorized add-on to Diablo.

Major  thanks goes to the wacky gang at the newsgroup. After I graduated from college, I didn't think I'd ever be part of a wacky gang again, but you people are the greatest. Without your encouragement (or at least quiet tolerance), who knows whether or not my muse would be speaking with me?

Also, a big thanks to my composers. There is a lot of talent out there on the Internet, and I'm confident that I found some of the best. Click on over to the music page to hear their tunes again, visit their sites and e-mail them some feedback. if musicians are anything like writers, and I'm pretty sure they are, it would make their days to hear from you.

Finally, finally. Special thanks to my wife, Catherine, for her support and patience. Despite the fact that she thought the story contained too much sex, she helped me scour the 'Net for composers. She's also a tough editor who helped make Val Halla's Journey a better story.

Val Halla's Journey isn't over yet. Look for Val Halla's Journey: Wild Angels and Val Halla's Journey: Tales from Diablo, coming soon to Just as soon as I take a bit of a breather and give some overdue attention to some other projects, both on and off the Web.

See you then.

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