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HellCraft is a fantasy-adventure novella set in the world of Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo and Diablo II. It also draws elements from Hellfire, the official add-on to Diablo, and from StarCraft, Blizzard's real-time space strategy game. The premise is simple: What if the alien Zerg from StarCraft invaded the Sword-and-Sorcery world of Diablo?


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The Battle Net
(a HellCraft Prequel starring Conjurer Ichabod. Now available in PDF format.)
Dolt Lungren's Last Stand
(What would have happened to Dolt if it hadn't been for the Zerg invasion)
Raiders of the Lost Fanfics
(A Post-HellCraft "Solo" Solo Adventure)
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This and That

Download HellCraft in PDF format
It's only 381KB, so Print it up and share it with your friends. Get out there and generate some buzz. If you need a PDF reader, you can get one free by clicking here.
Download Fonts
Download the fonts used in HellCraft.
Characters of HellCraft
Who's Who and What's What in HellCraft
Pin the Wing on Red Vex
A HellCraft distraction that won't work with Netscape Navigator
The Charles Gott HellCraft Sketchbook
The Battle Net
HellCraft Music
Go hear Excellent original MIDI compositions by Vic Sagerquist

Blizzard 1999 by  Vic Sagerquist
More HellCraft Music
Check out some brilliant original MIDI compositions by Chris Schiel

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