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HellCraft Characters

Conjurer Darian Ichabod, a.k.a. CowLord
Conjurer Ichabod has lived in Tristram most of his life and operated a small magic shop from which he practiced minor conjurations.
Conjurer Ichabod is based on the Diablo/Hellfire character, the Complete Nut. More of his story is told in "The Battle Net."
Dolt Lungren (Level 36 Barbarian, rip.)
Dolt hails from lands far south and west of Tristram. He and his family were banished from those lands by the local Scribes Guild after Dolt's father, Olaf, burned down Scribes Hall in a dispute over the proper spelling of Dolt's first name.
Dolt Lungren was my first Barbarian character after I installed HellFire. He got through the Normal and Nightmare difficulty levels without getting killed. He finally perished in the Hell difficulty level in the Crypts. His last words were, "There are only six of them. I don't need a potion yet!" The story of that last battle is called "Dolt Lungren's Last Stand."
Dumptruk (Level 36 Barbarian, active)
Dumptruk comes from the badlands to the north and west of Tristram. The badlands were once the site of the Battle for the Temple of Baal. That battle ended with the first and only casting of the Armageddon spell. Fallout from that spell affected the genes of Dumptruk's ancestors, making them big, strong and magic resistant. It also resulted in them having a near-inability to use personal pronouns. Dumptruk's name means "heavy wedge-shaped rock."
Dumptruk was the Barbarian character I created after Dolt Lungren got killed.
Mr. Mojo Risin' (Level 28 Sorcerer, rip)
Mr. Mojo Risin' was one of my most successful sorcerers, for the most part. I had to break my usual 'Character Dies, Character Gets Deleted' rule for him on a couple of occasions. The first time I had to do that was when the Defiler got the better of him.
Rhapsody (Level 22 Bard, rip)
Rhapsody was the third in a string of Bards in Hellfire. She lasted longer than her predecessors, Harmony and Melody.
Solo (Level 12 Bard, active)
Solo was born and raised in the coastal lands far to the west of Tristram. She received her training as a Bard through the Runestaff Scribes Guild.
Solo is hoping to break the ongoing jinx on Bards. She is currently level 12, running through the Normal difficulty level. Solo's level in HellCraft would be somewhere between 26 and 35.
Val Halla (Level 12 Rogue, active)
Valeria Desdemona Sapphire Stars-in-the-Heavens-over-Riparia of the House of Halla is the only child of the House of Halla, the ruling House of Riparia. Riparia lies in a glacier-carved valley far to the north and west of Tristram. Valeria was a skilled archer, but self-absorbed and insufferably arrogant. Believing she would be unfit to rule Riparia unless she changed her ways, her father sent her to the Sisters of the Sightless Eye to learn discipline and humility.
Valeria is the subject of a new fanfic,  titled Val Halla's Journey.

Diablo/Hellfire Characters

The following Characters were created by the developers of Diablo at Blizzard Entertainment, or by the developers of Hellfire at Sierra on-Line. These characters, as well as the worlds of Diablo, Hellfire and StarCraft are, of course, the intellectual property of their creators. I owe them my personal thanks since, without their efforts and imagination, writing HellCraft would have been like trying to build a house without materials.

  1. I made up the first names of these characters.
  2. Dalai Lama made up the first name of this character in his short fanfic, "Toby's Tribulations."
  3. These Characters were created for Hellfire by Sierra On-Line.

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