Making Love Out of Nothing at All
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Who’s Datable in Tristram?

The Women of Tristram

"I sense a soul in search of a good time!"Adria

Pros: Experienced; has tried things you've never even thought of; has potions that make Viagra look like a kids’ drink; knows what the studs on studded leather armor are for.

Cons: Easily irritated, bossy; into that whole B&D thing.

"Good day. How may I serve you? What?! Ewww! Gross!"Gillian

Pros: Young, sweet, stacked, nave, easily impressed.

Cons: Dumber than a box of rocks.

Gillian's Grandmother

Pros: Always in bed.

Cons: Gillian keeps barging in.

Serious, serious jailbaitCecilia

Cons: Way too young to even be discussed here, you pervert.

Pros: May develop a schoolgirl crush on you in a few years, if you live that long.

Garda Ogden

Pros: Free drinks, good cook.

Cons: Married to Ogden; thinks sex is evil.

Dear Diablo Forum; I used to think all your stories were made up, but this afternoon, I was in Hell and ran into Red Vex and Black Jade...Black Jade & Red Vex

Pros: Every mother's nightmare, every schoolboy's dream; will fulfill all adolescent and most post-adolescent fantasies.

Cons: Do you really want to get naked with someone who'd do it with Lazarus?

As you can see, you could actually have group sex with the entire female population of Tristram in a barrel and still have room for most of the stuff that Adria likes to bring along to liven things up.

So, since there's room, here's a service for girl barbarians:

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