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The Size of the Weapon or the Skill of the Warrior?

It's the size of the weapon. See for yourself.

Massive Staff of Manhood

Massive.bmp (56662 bytes)

Heavy Staff of Thrusting

Thrusting.bmp (26982 bytes)

Rod of Onan

  Onan.jpg (3899 bytes)

Gnarled Root

Gnarled Root 2.bmp (43734 bytes)

Short Staff of Mana

Short.bmp (16014 bytes)

Weak Staff of Flash

Weak.bmp (9994 bytes)

One of the nice things about the fact that almost everyone in Tristram has either fled, been eaten by monsters or gone over to the Dark Side -- aside from shorter lines at the DMV -- is that we have space to evaluate everyone in town.

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