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Inter-Species Dating

The human population of Tristram has plummeted lately. You may have to look outside your own species for companionship. That's nobody's business but your own and that of the other creature involved. However, use a little judgment.

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"I know she's a real knockout and all the guys think I'm a big stud... But the only reason she's going out with me is so she can burn my living flesh with the Hellish Fires of Damnation and feast on my immortal soul for all Eternity!"

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"This is the last time I let Adria fix me up on a blind date with someone she describes as tall, athletic and horny!"

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"It’s not what you think! We’re just good friends… I mean, I hardly know her… I mean, I just wanted some milk! For crying out loud, I’m only trying to find the Cow Level!"

A barbarian keeps at least one hand on his weapon at all times. What he does with it is another matter...

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