The Booze Clues theme

Booze Cluuuu..uuues" [Booze Clues!]
Gotta find ourselves a bottle..that's the first clue...stick it down our neckholes and then..what do we do???
Booze Cluuuu..uuues" [Booze Clues!]
Then we get ourselves a cork-screw..that's the second clue...jab it in our knuckles....AAAAGGHHH!
Booze Cluuuu..uuues" [Booze Clues!]
We meet everyone's twin brother, that's the fourth clue, there should have been a third one, but i think I'm going to spew....
Booze Cluuuu..uuues" [Booze Clues!]
Then we sit down in our drinking chairs and drink! drink! driii..iiink!
Three bottles of wine and I'm out of my mind
Think I can do/anything
...that I wanna do (YEAH!)

Special thanks to Andy C. Mackie for uncovering these long (no doubt intentionally) lost lyrics.

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