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Diablo-Related Links and AGD ( Sites

Original Music Used in this Site

Blizzard Entertainment (the makers of Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft and other excellent games)
Vicman's Original MIDI Files
Composer of the rest of the fine music that plays throughout HellCraft.
Jarulf's Guide
Without question, the finest Diablo and Hellfire reference guide available. Far better than anything you could actually pay money for.
Music from Val Halla's Journey
The Unholy Battlegrounds
Your source for Blizzard news, info, files, and more!
Music from Wild Side of the Window
FlashNPan's Diablo Page


The Hero Machine
A free online tool for creating pictures of your fantasy-adventure and other characters. It's terrific!
Blade of Carnage
Y'know, I'm not sure what this site is about; something about Everquest

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