Wild Side of the Window

bandersnatch n. pl. -snatchi 1. Any of a species of giant shelled fire-breathing carnivores thought to be an evolutionary link between dinosaurs and dragons; also called ankylodragons. 2. Anyone who habitually steals banders. 3. vulgar slang The female genitalia of a bander.

beamish adj. Anything that causes one to beam.

boojum n. An extremely dangerous species of snark.

brillig n. 1. About 4:00 p.m. when things are being broiled for dinner. 2. adj. Big and brilliant.

crool v. To rule cruelly.

dount n. 1. A mountainous desert. 2. Arid mountains.

frabjous adj. Fabulous-radical-joyous.

froamus adj. 1. Foaming-raging. 2. Foaming-roaming.

frumious adj. 1. Fuming and furious 2. Roomy and furious (originally furious + roomy).

galumph v. To gallop in triumph.

nobbly adj. 1. Noble. 2. Noble, but wobbly. 3. Covered with knobs. 4. slang Impressive (usage: "That Wuju is one nobbly dude!"). -blier -bliest

shammite adj. Made of artificial mite.

sleetharn n. pl. -tharn 1. Any of a species of giant venomous two-headed snakes with great bat-like wings, known for their short tempers, and whose venom is used in the manufacture of stun gel bullets. 2. A hypocrite, especially a malicious one.

snark n. A mostly harmless variety of boojum.

vorpal adj. A magically reinforced alloy used to make very sharp swords.

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