Los Angeles, California

A lot of people think L.A. is weird. They're right, of course.

But they have no idea how weird.

Depending on who's doing the counting, Southern California's Paranormal community numbers from the thousands to the tens of thousands. Vampires. Demons. Aliens. Immortals. Angels. Ghosts. The cast of Friends...

Like any minority group, the Paranormal-American community has special problems. For instance, you might have to abandon your Lexus on the 405 Freeway because it's stuck in traffic and the sun's about to come up, and you're a vampire. Or it might dawn on you that you're going to have to forfeit your soul to your Infernal Master because your chances of finding a virgin in Venice Beach are nil.

But for big problems, normals and Paranormals alike turn to Robert Kane. Because everyone... and everything can use a little help now and then.

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R. Kane Adventures

Two online novels:

Elements Never Forget

When Henry St. Martine inherits the home of an obsure British comic book character, very strange things start to happen.

Dead Nude Girls

Vampire strippers! Totally nude! Totally dead!

And various short stories

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